Choosing the right coach

In general, the coaching process begins with a personal interview (face to face or by phone or Skype) in order to evaluate the objectives of the client, to describe the shape that can take the coaching relationship and feel if there is a possible affinity between the coach and the potential client. It is recommended to see at least two or three coaches before choosing the coach who seems to suit best.

Suggested questions to ask during your interviews

  • How do coaching sessions take place?
  • How long is a coaching session and how often does it take place?
  • What’s the price of a coaching session or a mandate for coaching?
  • What is the professional background, experience and the training of the coach?
  • Did the coach met situations similar to mine?
  • Existence of a gap in terms of what the minimum duration is of a mandate?

How do you know you have your ideal coach?

  • Did you feel an affinity with this coach?
    Does the coach understand where you are now and where you would like to be directed to?
  • Is the coach committed to helping you find your own solutions rather than impose on you?
  • Does the coach respect your values?
  • How will the coach proceed and what are the fees?

Coaching sessions can then be conducted in person or by phone. Their duration is agreed in advance. Between each coaching session, the client may be responsible to accomplish specific actions that will help achieve the goals he has set with his coach.

The coach can provide complementary resources such as relevant articles, checklists, evaluations, or models that will serve as a support for reflection and the actions of the client. The duration of the coaching relationship varies depending on the needs and preferences of each person.

The content of a coaching program may be influenced by various factors, tools and concepts, according to the coach’s training, the objectives of the client, or the objectives of the commissioning client when it is the organization that pays the coaching services.